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Steve is a multi award winnining magician and performed for numerious Celebrities including the Duke & Duchess.

Steve Performs his magic & entertainment around the tables, Mixing and mingling with guests and making sure they have the best time ever.


Table TO TABLE MagiC

When people are eating at there christmas corporate party Steve can mix and mingle around the tables while guests are talking and eating and its all very low key,alkl your guests will be amazed and talk about there corporate or chrismas party for a very long time after.

Cabaret & Stage Magician

Steve can also perform his custom stage magic show to your christmas party,  This is perfect when everyone as finished eating and Steve will then entertain everyone with the show.

Steve's Cabaret & Stage act is all custom design for your evening.


Our Customer Testimonial

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Tammy Greenking Brewery event

“Steve was extremely entertaining and clearly talented. The close up magic at your table will leave you bemused at how it's done but before you can think about it too much, he's on to the next trick or simply making you laugh. I would highly recommend Steve for any corporate event as everyone will enjoy themselves”
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