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HELLO! I’M Stephen B Wiley Magician

Welcome to the website of The Unpredictable Stephen B Wiley Magician.

Steve has been performing and doing entertainment as an unpredictable magician since the age of 6, meaning he has now been performing for over 20 years. Steve also attended Silvia Young stage school London with Billy Piper and Emma Bunton. 

Steve was one of 3 when they auditioned the whole of the UK to perform live on Children In Need at London studios working with Barry Manilow and Boyzone plus lots more celebs.

I was destined for a different path from a young age. While other children dreamed of becoming firefighters or football stars, I was busy organizing intricate productions of our annual family talent show. With my innate knack for entertainment, my three siblings didn't stand a chance against my hosting prowess and show-stopping performances. It was evident that my future lay in the spotlight.

Having honed my skills over the years, I embarked on a journey that led me to qualify as a distinguished member of the illustrious Enigma Society—an exclusive circle renowned for its mastery of the arcane arts. I was honored with the prestigious Golden Wand Award, a testament to my extraordinary talent. For two decades, I dazzled audiences as a magician at exclusive private parties and esteemed corporate events, leaving spectators spellbound with my enchanting performances. But I hungered for more.

A brilliant idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. Throughout my years as an entertainer, I had witnessed the profound impact a host could have on an event—the power to elevate it from mundane to extraordinary. Why not combine my comedic wit, mesmerizing magic, and mind-reading abilities to become the ultimate host? Thus, I forged a new path as the unrivaled maestro of hosting, crafting unforgettable moments at every occasion. And thus, I founded The Enigmatic Host.

Since then, I have embarked on a global adventure, enchanting audiences with my exceptional hosting skills and captivating after-dinner entertainment. From prestigious blue-chip corporations to the glitz and glamour of celebrity gatherings, I have left a trail of awe-inspired spectators in my wake. Even royalty has graced my performances, with her majesty herself bestowing her gracious appreciation. My talents have graced the stages of countless events, including awe-inspiring awards ceremonies, heartwarming charity fundraisers, grand corporate celebrations, and opulent gala dinners.

In the realm of high-quality hosting and top-notch magic, I stand alone, ready to captivate and bewitch you with my extraordinary talents. Allow me the honor of entertaining you soon, as we embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

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